A Quick Definition About SEO

I always find the different terms about SEO and SEM. Some people says two term have not a big difference to each other, but i think both the terms have a big difference to each other.Search Engine Optimization:It is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines via natural search results. The purpose of SEO is to make the site better for both search industry and its users.Search Engine Marketing:
It is about making your brand visible within the Google and others like that to attract new visitors to your site. Its everything that can be done to utilize the technology of search engine to promote a website and increase its traffic, its stickiness. That’s why SEO is a subset of SEM.There are three main steps of SEM in search industry:Natural or Organic Listing:
The pages listing results from a search query which are displayed in a sequence according to relevance of match between the keyword phrase and a web page according to a ranking algorithm.- Paid or Sponsored Listing
- Content Network Listing
- Benefits of SEOTargeted traffic
Increase brand visibility
High ROI
Higher sales
Long term positioning
Cost effective
Cross Browser CompatibilitySearch Engine Marketing Professional Organization-
A non-profit professional association, SEMPO was formed in 2003, to promote internet marketing and provide educational resources to members and consumers. Its sponsors include Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, SuperPages. SEMPO’s membership includes internet marketing firms and consultants, Web developers, in-house marketing professionals, and advertising agencies.

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